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[XSL-TeX Input examples]
Subscripts: Base_{subscript} or Base_s
Superscripts: Base^{superscript} or Base^s
Stacked indices: Base_{sub}^{sup} or Base^{sup}_{sub} or Base_s^s or Base^s_s
Presubscript: \inf{sub}Base
Presuperscript: \sur{sup}Base
Stacked prescripts: \pre{sup}{sub}Base
Fractions: \frac{numerator}{denominator}
Overscripts: \stackrel{over}{Base}
Underscripts: \stackrev{Base}{under}
Overbrace: \overbrace{Base}
Overbrace with inscription: \overbrace{Base}^{over}
Underbrace: \underbrace{Base}
Underbrace with inscription: \underbrace{Base}_{under}
Square root: \sqrt{radicand}
Radical: \rad{radix}{radicand}
Operators: \ope{U} \ope{U}_{sub} \ope{U}^{sup} \ope{U}_{sub}^{sup}
Common Operators: ∑ ∑_{sub} ∑^{sup} ∑_{sub}^{sup}
\left( content \right)
\left[ content \right]
\left{ content \right}
\left| content \right|
\left. content \right|
Fences with indices:
\left( content \right)_{sub}
\left[ content \right]_{s}
\left{ content \right}_{sub}^{sup}
\left| content \right|^{sup}_{sub}
\left. content \right|_0^1
Vectors: \vector{entry}{entry}{entry}{entry}
Bold: \mathbf{Bold}
Italic: \mathsl{Italic}
Strike: \strike{Strike}
Overline: \overline{overline}
Linebreak: \\
Softbreak (wrap point): \wrap
Character escapes: \{ \} \_ \^ \s (for $) \b (for \)
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